With the objective of developing creative thinking and generating in our students a series of abilities oriented towards problem solving, Campoverde counts with the LEGO Mindstorms Robotics program, which is taught at all levels, in each one of our campuses.
By working in our Robotics lab, our students develop their capacity in using abstract thinking as applied to homework and concrete objects employing programming language, which in turn stimulates them in the acquisition of formal logical thinking in a fun and natural manner.
The degree of difficulty in the activities of our Robotics workshop increases according to the students' age and grade. It is in this manner that our small children of Preschool learn to assemble LEGO pieces and interpret simple maps, while our high school teenagers resort to programming tools in order to operate their designs.
LEGO Robotics has established national and international programs, seminars, blogs, competitions, workshops, and an endless amount of activities geared towards creativity and problem solving, which comprise a series of valuable technological and cognitive tools for our students’ education. It is for this reason that Campoverde has incorporated it in the egress profile of our students, adding them to the high achievement tools they were already receiving from our school.