Campoverde for babies
“A very special place for little ones”

What is Campoverde for babies?
For babies to develop adequately, they must be motivated, loved, and stimulated. Rapidly changing technology and the fact that mom and dad have to work outside the home may cause that children do not receive all the necessary attention required to properly integrate themselves at the beginning of the school year.
Taking this into consideration, Campoverde School has developed an innovative concept, called Campoverde for Babies, in which it offers a space for Little Ones to be happy and enhance their abilities in a natural and harmonious manner. At the present, this service is only available at our Manzanillo Campus, with similar spaces opening up soon in other parts of the state.
Campoverde for Babies will count with a schooled place for 1 and 2 year olds, as well as an early stimulation program for babies from 3 to 12 months old. In addition, it will have an innovative module for pre-natal stimulation, by which children begin to develop their abilities while still in the womb.
The facilities are especially designed to meet all the needs of children this age. The didactic material, toys, music and games were selected to create an environment conducive to the development of the child’s abilities in a fun and balanced way. Besides the classrooms, the space will have a didactic patio for their complete stimulation, a playground, and gymnasium for the development of psychomotor skills. All of these elements will enrich and complement the experience our babies receive at school.
This service has placed special care in the security and well being of our Little Ones. Therefore classrooms have been specifically designed for each age group, including fingerprint recognition equipment to control the entrance and exit of the children; a health area with strict protocols for the control of illnesses; smoke detectors and security cameras in the classrooms.
In Campoverde for Babies, children will be involved in a complete immersion English program, which means that all communication will be conducted in the English language. This will allow us to develop perfect bilingual speakers, with all the benefits that this has in their cerebral stimulation.